AR & the Future of Healthcare

10am to noon Pacific
March 6, 2018

Earlybird $77. Until Feb. 11
Full Price $147. Until Feb. 27
Last Call $197. Until March 6

This class will showcase how immersive technologies like AR and VR can change the standard of care, create safer surgeries and help an aging population.

AR Healthcare expert Kristi Hansen Onkka will join Transformation Group CEO Shel Israel to explain how the power of AR, VR and AI are being used to teach medical students anatomy and protocols, train surgeons on new devices and techniques, and help nurses and caregivers better empathize with their patients.

We will also reveal important aspects of AR and VR clinical applications which are enhancing a patient’s quality of life including pain reduction, stroke rehabilitation, exposure therapy, vision and hearing assistance, and increasing their sense of mobility.

The class is designed to serve healthcare professionals, medical students, and technical consultants.

You will walk away understanding the fundamental changes coming rapidly to medical education and practices.

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