The Best & Brightest Consulting Partners

As a small organization, Transformation Group, LLC often teams up with carefully selected partners whose credentials cover a broad range of disciplines, including creative content, custom-developed software, AR Market Research and intellectual property.

We continuously work at building and maintaining a network comprised of many of the AR industry’s best thinkers.

Here’s a listing of our TG Partner Network:


Groove Jones is an award-winning studio specializing in 360º commercial video productions and immersive Virtual Reality apps for both B2B and B2C campaigns. This creative agency has helped AT&T, Comcast, FX, Intel, MasterCard, McDonald’s, Samsung and Nestlé  with VR initiatives.


Using a remote panel of hundreds of active VR users, Fishbowl VR has built a testing and user insights platform to help content creators determine what works and what doesn’t in virtual reality,. As a graduate of both the TechStars and Vive X accelerator programs, Fishbowl VR works with a broad range of leading VR studios including Schell Games, High Fidelity and Vive Studios.


Crowd Companies is a membership-based innovation council for some of the world’s leading brands including MasterCard, Hallmark, Pepsi, Nestlé and BMW. These members share information and ideas on how to deal with changes in technology. Crowd Companies was founded by Jeremiah Owyang, one of our oldest industry friends. His company provides special expertise in VR and AR on an as-needed basis.


ARtillry is the first publication and research firm exclusively covering VR/AR. It was founded in February 2017 by Mike Boland, former chief analyst for ‎BIA/Kelsey. ARtillry serves Transformation Group clients with proprietary research as needed. We first met Mike in his role as president of the San Francisco chapter of the VR/AR Association, a highly respected professional organization.


MetaVRse is a VR/AR innovation agency that serves businesses across multiple industries, including some of the world’s largest companies. Their engineering skills enable them to develop customized VR/AR products for clients in vertical niches such as retail, tourism and consumer electronics.


Brain+Trust Partners is a strategic consultancy made up of senior executives from some of the world’s largest brands. The partners add strength in numerous verticals including automotive and financial services.


Kristi Hansen Onkka is an early evangelist of the use of VR and AR in health and patient care. She founded to bring access to VR/AR health experiences under one community resource. She has been a healthcare marketer for over 20 years, helping pharmaceutical and device manufacturers navigate innovative technologies.


Perkins Coie is one of the largest and most respected law firms serving tech clients. It advises clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 giants on legal issues in AR/VR, biometrics and artificial intelligence. Perkins Coie has been recognized multiple times for its leadership in the legal profession. Recently it has been named: a “Leader” among tech-savvy firms by BTI Brand Elite in 2016; one of the “Top 4 Law Firms in Silicon Valley, According to Tech Entrepreneurs” by Inc. Magazine in 2016; and “The Go-To Big Law Firm for Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs” by JD Journal in 2017. Transformation Group works with Perkins Coie to facilitate legal counsel connections and services in regard to mixed reality technologies for our clients.


VR Experts (VREX) is the world’s first VR Experts marketplace. It focuses on matching highly-skilled, pre-screened experts with high-value projects from around the world in immersive technologies. We use VREX to find the best technical talent for our clients’ specific needs.



PureMatter is a global leader in providing Social Strategy and Influencer Marketing for mid-market and enterprise level companies such as Cisco, IBM, Netflix, and Intuit. They help modern businesses speak “human” and connect to their customer. Pure-Matter is headquartered in Silicon Valley led by authors Courtney Smith Kramer and Bryan Kramer.