What our class attendees had to say about AR & the Future of Work

  • Julie Krohner
    Chief Innovation Officer, Exit Design
    A rich yet simple guide to help me educate my team on the what and why of MR.
  • Marylene Delbourg-Delphis
    Board member, Strategy & Executive Consultant, CEO: Technologies & People in the 4th Industrial Revolution
    [I learned] that while AR/VR products are still in the making, what exists already forces us to revisit our reality today and get out of our two-dimensional mindset.
  • Jim Caruso
    CEO, MediaFirst PR-Atlanta
    A comprehensive and well-researched view into AR/VR and how these new technologies will influence our lives and businesses.
  • Giles Needham-Clark
    Senior Strategy Consultant, Nedbank
    [It brought] the possibilities of AR to life.
  • Jacobo Guajardo
    Managing Partner, HAWORTH by Papsa
    [The instructors] are really digging into all the applied possibilities in regards to AR, VR, and Mixed Reality. They do not know the future, but they know the direction it’s going to [go].