Transformations at Transformation Group, LLC

AI Business World 2018


Transformation Group, LLC recently observed its first birthday. This year produced a great many changes. Our team, products and services were all restructured. Today, I’m writing to tell you about a string of even more significant changes coming shortly.

Transformation Group is a corporate consulting organization that emerged from a book. The Fourth Transformation, published in December 2016, argued that Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) would fundamentally change our relationships with digital technology in the same way that the iPhone did.

We still believe this to be true: It’s just that AR & VR are part of a deeper and larger change, involving other technologies that are also powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It is time for Transformation Group to broaden its products and services to cover robots, drones, autonomous vehicles and chatbots in addition to AR and VR. In addition to covering immersive technologies in handsets and headsets, we will now also cover new interface technologies including voice, gesture, eye interaction and brainwaves.

Irena Cronin, Transformation Group’s Head of Research and Innovation, and I have been talking about this since shortly after she joined with us late last year. The trigger point to begin the many changes we will make in the coming months came a couple of weeks ago when I had an impressive interview with a startup called Emotiv, which makes Brainwear—wearable devices that let people move stuff around with brainwaves. These objects may be on a computer screen, or in the form of prosthetic arms, or maybe even a warehouse forklift.

I have already posted a YouTube clip on Emotiv, but while I was writing up my interview notes for my AR Business World (ARBW) newsletter, it dawned on me that Emotiv has nothing to do with AR or VR. It didn’t fit into the newsletter, yet it was a story that I felt my readers needed to know about.

That led to a decision to rename ARBW to AI Business World (AIBW). It was a simple matter of changing one letter on the masthead. If you are a subscriber, you will see the next newsletter has a new blue masthead. If you are not yet a subscriber, you can check out old issues here or click here to subscribe.

My newsletter was designed as a mechanism to keep current on tech events for ourselves and our clients. In the past, my online interviews have become fodder for new books and that is likely to be the case with AIBW.

Irena and I are thinking about co-authoring a new book with the working title of The AI Century: When Machines Get Smarter Than Us.

My last three books were self-published, and if we can raise funds from companies or individuals wishing to associate their brands with our book then our hearts are already set on writing it with an anticipated early 2019 release.

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