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AR Business World # 4: AR Transforms the Spreadsheet

In 1979, Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston invented the first electronic spreadsheet, the first killer app. In the next 37 years, not a whole lot else really happened to it. Sure the graphics got better, and the power of hardware enabled the sheer size of a spread sheet to go for thousands of columns and rows and number crunching is a bit faster . But the truth today--as it was in 1979--is that a spreadsheet is just a spreadsheet.

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AR Business World #3: Apple AR on Fire

NOTE: This is my third newsletter on the business of Augmented and Virtual Reality. It focuses on news that is relevant to business thinkers in retail, real estate, marketing, education and training, healthcare, enterprise and other business categories outside of gaming. I plan to write 40 per year. To receive it by email, please enter your email in the subscription box below.

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Apple AR Will Trigger Our Transformation

It is just three short weeks since Apple announced ARKit, tools that allow developers to build AR apps for existing iPhones along with the new iPhone8 coming in the fall.  What does it mean for everyday people? What does it mean for brands and business thinkers,in  education and entertainment,  healthcare and brand marketing, logistics, employee training and everyday life? More selfishly, what does it mean to Robert Scoble, me and the transformation that we have predicted.

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AR Business World #2

Welcome to AR/VR Business Transformations. I published the first issue on June 4. While it was warmly received, the name was already taken. AR/VR Business Transformations is actually more suitable. This will be a digest of the most relevant business news related to Mixed Reality technology. Many of the items will be linked to AR/VR news published elsewhere with brief commentary from me on why I think it is useful or interesting.

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This Week in VR/AR

Last week I complained that there wasn't a whole lot happening in VR and AR and wrote about robots instead. This week makes up for that, with a ton of activity that shows massive adoption rising, business uses broadening and an ecosystem burgeoning. Next week cmes some of the Apple announcements that Robert and  believe will be strong on AR.

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Robots Getting More Human

It was a slow week for Mixed Reality (MR), the main topic on this blog. But every day last week there were reports of small but significant steps for MR's close cousin, robotics. Let me provide a condensed list of what impressed me most.

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Using VR to Educate Students About Jobs

Swinburne University, a career focused university based in Melbourne, Australia is partnering with Eon Reality to expand its use of VR and AR for educating students in engineering, robotics, science and in private industry collaboration projects.

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