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We are Transformation Group, LLC. We are here to help brand thinkers like you.

The world is changing: New technologies, particularly Mixed Reality, are driving major changes between brands and shoppers. During these times, unknown startups have risen to prominence, while leading brands have disappeared into oblivion. There is much news to digest, new strategies to develop and a situation that looks disturbingly complex at first glance.

We bring five years of direct research and learning from thousands of technologists, business strategists and investors. We partner with some of the most respected consultants and technologists.

Since 2005, Robert Scoble and Shel Israel have collaborated to write and speak on what's coming next in technology and what it means to business decision makers. In that context we have received much praise.

Our most recent book, The Fourth Transformation: How Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything, is the first work that alerts brands to move fast because the world's most powerful tech companies, investors and entrepreneurs are driving this transformation change at unprecedented speed.

Since publication in December 2016, several major brands have asked us for advice on what to do.

Their interest led us to launch Transformation Group, LLC. the first Silicon Valley company dedicated to helping big brands understand the Transformation now rapidly accelerating.

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