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The Business of AR/VR #2

Welcome to AR/VR Business Transformations. I published the first issue on June 4. While it was warmly received, the name was already taken. AR/VR Business Transformations is actually more suitable. This will be a digest of the most relevant business news related to Mixed Reality technology. Many of the items will be linked to AR/VR news published elsewhere with brief commentary from me on why I think it is useful or interesting.

This Week in VR/AR

Last week I complained that there wasn't a whole lot happening in VR and AR and wrote about robots instead. This week makes up for that, with a ton of activity that shows massive adoption rising, business uses broadening and an ecosystem burgeoning. Next week cmes some of the Apple announcements that Robert and  believe will be strong on AR.

Robots Getting More Human

It was a slow week for Mixed Reality (MR), the main topic on this blog. But every day last week there were reports of small but significant steps for MR's close cousin, robotics. Let me provide a condensed list of what impressed me most.

Using VR to Educate Students About Jobs

Swinburne University, a career focused university based in Melbourne, Australia is partnering with Eon Reality to expand its use of VR and AR for educating students in engineering, robotics, science and in private industry collaboration projects.

Perkins Coie Becomes Transformation Group's Newest Partner

Obviously, all our clients already have their own corporate law firms. But, the journey into Mixed reality strategies may cover new ground in unchartered territory. There are challenges ranging from how the new 3D technology works to how the human brain responds to it. There are questions related to standards, practices, education and communication. And then there is the fact that Mixed Reality technologies are creating an entirely new form of intellectual property.

I'm Researching Mixed Reality in Pro Sports. Can You Help?

I am not a golfer or golfing fan, but this use of a Hololens to enhance fan experience shown in the above video clip excites me because it demonstrates how Mixed Reality technologies such as VR, AR, AI, IoT, bots and autonomous vehicles are starting to change fan experiences as well as training and treating pro athletes.

Will 100 Million Mixed Reality Headsets Ship by 2021?

We are not bean counters by nature. Robert Scoble and I tend to form our opinions by anecdotal research: We talk to a lot of people who know about Mixed Reality technologies: VR, AR, AI, sensors, data and the IOT. We look at what we see under development in technology and changing cultures and we make our speculations about the near-term future and how it will impact business and life.

How Facebook Accelerates the Transformation

I was off the grid for a couple of days last week dealing with a personal matter. Unfortunately, one of those two days was when Facebook's developer conference F8 was being held. Like last year, this event proved to be a watershed moment in the rapid and massive evolution of Mixed Reality technologies.