Transformation Group’s Shel Israel consults with Marco Bardazzi, ENI’s Executive Vice President for External Communication

We are a small group of seasoned business technology professionals who believe that immersive technologies will transform business and culture as profoundly as the smartphone did a decade ago. In the next few years, your most creative and forward-looking customers, employees and partners will be using headsets instead of handsets.

Our company name is an outgrowth of The Fourth Transformation—How Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything, a critically acclaimed, business-technology book co-authored by Shel Israel, CEO and founder.

Transformation Group helps brands move early and wisely into immersive technology strategies, so that they can achieve or maintain leadership in their respective business sectors. We are expert in using new technologies to enhance customer experience as well as backroom productivity.

If you are a professional and you want to better understand strategies for immersive technology, we can help.

Our AR-related services include consulting, education and publishing executive newsletters about AR and business. We partner with other carefully selected service vendors to help companies in most categories.

Shel Israel, co-founder and CEO of Transformation Group, has enjoyed a long and successful Silicon Valley career as a consultant, speaker and writer. He has authored seven books and contributed to Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider and numerous online media sites.

At Transformation Group, LLC, he has assembled a talented team that is skilled at analyzing strategies and futures related to immersive technologies. Transformation Group partners include creative AR studios, custom AR software product developers, and AR research firms.

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